Floor Dry

EZEE DRI Floor Dry

Ezee Dri is made from recycled paper waste. Non abrasive, skid resistant, low dust, silica and asbestos free. Use on oils, coolants, solvents, water and industrial chemicals. Available in moisture resistant poly bag.

Part # Size Abs/Bale Qty/Pallet
EZEE DRI 25# Bag 6 gal. 80
CP26 26 qt. Bag 6 gal. 80

Diatomacious Earth Floor Dry

Diatomacious Earth, is a naturally occurring mineral based granular with superior absorbing ability. All purpose absorbent will absorb most liquids.

Part # Size Abs/Bale Qty/Pallet
DE85 25# Bag 6 gal. 80
EP25 25# Bag 6 gal. 70
Floor Dry in use Floor Dry closeup Floor Dry closeup