TS-AC, Acid Neutralizing Absorbent Powder is specially designed and formulated to clean-up Acid and Acidic Spills. TS-AC is a unique, engineered mineral formulated to absorb and neutralize all acid spills (except Hydrofluoric Acid).

TS-AC Acid Neutralizing Powder is designed to bring the acid into its structure and neutralize it at the same time. The acid is then captured, leaving behind a residue free surface and a manageable clump of absorbed material. A color indicator further contributes to the clean-up efforts, as TS-AC turns purple during the acid neutralization process, returning to yellow once the reaction is complete. Thus giving response crews a visible sense of security. Absorbs 3 times its own weight in liquid.

**TS-AC cannot be used on hydrofluoric acid.

Part # Size Qty/Box Abs/Each
TS-AC-1 1 lb. Bag Each 1/2 Gal.
TS-AC-2 2 lb. Canister Each 1 Gal.
TS-AC-5 12 lb. Pail Each 6 Gal.
Acid Neutralizer Acid Neutralizer